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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Does a 2 yr old need to have a ticket for a pro baseball game?

Do i have to buy a ticket for my 2 yr old nephew, to go to a pro baseball game?

Answer :
No, I wouldn't think so. I brought my little brother and my mom didn't have to pay for him during a Twins game.

Answer :
The the stadium and ask. This may be a team-by-team decision.

Answer :
Most likely, yes.
Teams having varying policies on the ages that they will let children in without a ticket, but generally the cutoff is age 2.
The reason is that the child is expected to take their own seat. Teams sell tickets on the one body for one seat basis. They figure that the child will fill a seat. Theredore they require a paid seat for the child.

You should check the team's website on stadium policies, for a detailed answer.

Answer :
Most likely yes, especially if he occupies a seat. Some teams may let him in gratis IF you hold him in your lap. That, trust me, is not fun. IN FACT, taking a 2 year old to a pro baseball game is no fun either He will be BORED, be fussy, and a pain in the butt. You will not enjoy the game. Been there, done that, wore the tee shirt. Leave him home.


Answer :
If you are lucky enough to live in St. Louis,home of the World Champion Cardinals and the greatest fans in baseball,children 3 and under are allowed to sit on their parents lap free of charge.

Answer :
Nah, as the other people said the general rule of thumb is as long as they won't be using a seat, no questions asked.

Of course they may take some issue if you try and claim that your 20 year old girlfriend doesn't need a tick because she is going to sit on your lap...;P

Answer :
I think that if it is a regular season game then it doesn't really matter. However, if the game holds some kinda importance then a child should not be allowed to come. Reason why. They don't understand the importance of that game and that seat should be reserved for fans that do understand.

1 comment:

  1. At Citi Field any child over 32" tall needs a ticket. Which kind of stinks since my 20 month old is just over 32" I guess it's easier to track height than age


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